Features and Benefits of Clean Cuts Hydraulic Hose Cutting Saws
Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Clean-Cuts™ Hose Knife… is break-through technology using a toothed knife, cutting with the backs of each tooth, so the knife does not take a kerf. The mechanical knife action of each tooth, similar to scalloped teeth, severs steel braiding on hydraulic hoses very cleanly. The Clean-Cuts™ Hose Knife outlasts conventional scalloped edge knives two times and is resharpenable.
Feeder… This short feeder handle is designed for cutting lighter hoses up through 1-1/4″ x 6 wire hose.
Feeder… This longer handle, quickly replaces the shorter one, and allows for effortless cutting of heavy hose up thorough 2″ x 6 wire.
Rugged Welded Design… The Clean-Cuts™ Hose Saws combine simplicity with rugged construction to create a hose saw with outstanding speed and squareness of cut. The Clean-Cuts™ design also insures clean cuts, safe operation, and less smoke.
Direct Shaft Drive… The blade is directly driven by the saw motor converting 100% of the horse power to the Clean-Cuts™ Hose Blade. A 40 mm spindle with drive pin hole and left hand threaded bolt insures a “non-blade-slip” drive.
Retracting Blade Guard… The plate steel retracting saw blade guard insures the safety of operation. The blade is fully enclosed, even during cutting process. The guard contours around each hose while it is being cut.
Vacuum Port In Saw Guard.. The Clean-Cuts™ Series Saw Guard has a unique 2″ OD vacuum port which connects to a standard 5 HP shop vac. This guard vacuum’s out smoke and debris as the hose is being cut.
Moveable Pins…. The pins need to be repositioned according to the hose sizes being cut. Proper pin locations provide considerably faster cutting times as well as reduced blade pinching which reduces heat and smoke.
On/Off Switch… The on/off switch on the Clean-Cuts Series Saws is pre-wired to a 110vac plug-in which is activated when the saw is turned. This design is intended to simultaneously vacuum while cutting your hose so you get clean smoke free cuts. Please note that 3 phase machines will require a licensed electrician to wire this feature.
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