Hose Knife Use best practices guide

Best Practices for Hose Knife Use

Specialty Saw's line of Clean-Cuts hose knives represent the pinnacle of circular knife technology. From the proprietary steels, to the signature grinds, our blades and knives consistently out perform the competition. With this being said, there are some basic use and care requirements that will help you get both the best performance, as well as the longest life possible.

#1Be sure to bend the hose

It is critically important to bend the hose when cutting with a circular knife. Inadequate hose bend will result in over-heating of the blade and premature failure. Not to mention a poor quality Cut.

Common signs of inadequate bend are a dark, black ring around the primary bevel of the knife, heavy smoke while cutting, excessive heat, and bogging of cutting machine.

#2Honing, or 'running in' a new knife

In order to achieve best blade life and performance, the first couple cuts should be made very slowly, and deliberately. Due to the manufacturing process, a thin, oversharp cutting edge may be present on a brand new knife. It is important to make the first 2-3 cuts on a new blade slowly, to allow this to be naturally cleaned off in the cutting process.

#3Proper Rotation!

Any knife that has a directional arrow blazed on the body of the knife has only one safe recommended rotation. It is very important to check this when installing a new blade. A knife, being run in the wrong direction, will not perform correctly thereby resulting in unrepairable damage.

Clean Cuts™ Hydraulic Hose Cutting Saws

Clean-Cuts™ 7" Shop Saw

Model: HYDM70

Cutting Capacity: 1-1/4″ ID x 4 Wire Hydraulic Hose

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Clean-Cuts™ Bench Mount 10″

Model: HYDM100

Cutting Capacity: 2″ ID x 6 Wire Hydraulic Hose

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Clean-Cuts™ Bench Mount 14"

Model: HYDM-140

Cutting Capacity: 2″ ID x 6 Wire Hydraulic Hose — 5″ OD Industrial Hose

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Clean-Cuts™ Floor Stand 22" Hydraulic Hose Saw

Model: HYDM-2200

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Clean-Cuts™ Van Saw 12/24 VDC

Model: HYDM100-12V / HYDM100-24V

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Clean-Cuts™ Hydraulic Hose Saws Retrofit Kit

Model: N/A

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Clean-Cuts™ Pre-Owned Hydraulic Hose Saws

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Clean Cuts™ Hydraulic Hose Cutting Blades

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