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Manufacturer of Clean Cuts™ Saws

Manufacturer of Clean Cuts™ Saws

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Clean Cuts • Safer Cuts • Less Smoke

Break-through Technology...

Clean-Cuts™ hydraulic hose cutter is a break-through technology that ustilizes a toothed knife, cutting with the backs of each tooth, so the knife does not take a kerf. The saw bends the hose into the blade spreading the cut edges to avoid burning and smoking.

Cutting Capacity: 2″ ID x 6 Wire Hydraulic Hose — 5″ OD Industrial Hose

How Clean Cuts™ Hydraulic Hose Cutting Saw Work

How CleanCuts Hose Chop Saws Work

The Clean Cuts™ method of cutting hydraulic hose

Figure 1a

Abrasive Wheel Method

Figure 1b

Types of debris left over by grinding wheel cutting methods.

Cutting hydraulic hose with a grinding wheel
Above: Magnification of figure 1b shows leftoever hose material and grinding wheel particlate observed after firing a test plug through the cut hose.

Problem Solved: New Improved Specialty Saw Clean Cuts™ Method

With the our new hydraulic hose saw, the hose is positioned across two pins. (A) and moved into the blade (C) by a feed foot (B) using handle (D). The feed motion causes the hose to stretch at the point of contact with the blade allowing it to separate as it is cut (see the magnified inset of schematic). This separation allows the hose to pass clear of the saw blade with NO friction, NO heating and LESS DEBRIS! A vacuum hose is attached to a vacuum port (hidden) to remove any tiny amount of debris or smoke during cutting.

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Clean Cuts™ Hydraulic Hose Saws

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