Blade Management Program (BMP)

Blade Management Program (BMP)

Our Blade Management Program offers all of our customers a service that provides logistical support for all production scenarios to minimize downtime and bottlenecks. We will design a program specifically for your requirements, including pick-up, delivery and full reporting on the status of your blades.

The BMP includes:

  • Our 1-2-3 System => One blade is on the machine, the second is ‘in-house’ and ready for production and the third is being serviced.
  • A proactive approach to ensure seamless and consistent production. As a supply partner, we will monitor blade use and life cycle.
  • Regimented production blade reporting. Is a guide to blade operating condition and lifetime.
  • Saw blade seminar and teaching events at your location. Full Specialty Saw support available to all of our customers.
  • Saw surveys, ensuring a consistent saw platform. Ongoing ‘Best Practice’ reviews.
  • Multi-site national logistical support for blade service. We service ALL of our blades, within the US and overseas.

Sharpening Request Form

Download and print THIS PDF FORM to be completed and enclosed with the saw blades you are shipping to us for sharpening. Windows Users: right-click the link and "Save to Disk" and MacOS X Users: hold down the "control" key while clicking the link and then "Save to Disk."

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