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38th Annual NAHAD Meeting & Convention

May 14th - 18th, 2022

The 38th Annual NAHAD Meeting & Convention is your opportunity to connect with top decision-makers in the hose and hose accessories distribution industry. Manufacturers and distributors converge to learn from industry experts, see state-of-the-art products in our Showcase of Hose Solutions, explore year-round training and learning opportunities offered through NAHAD Academy, and accelerate business with speed networking and plenty of entertainment.

Specialty Saw, Inc. will be at Booth #416
May 14th-18th, 2022
Miami, Florida


As featured on: Hose & Coupling World

With over 60 years of sawing and cutting experience, Specialty Saw is uniquely equipped to design, engineer, and produce professional-grade industrial blades. Built on a culture of commitment, the company has evolved into a leading blade manufacturer dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and developing innovative solutions. Its specialization in non-ferrous circular saw blades, coupled with its focus on providing a level of value that extends beyond merely offering a competitively priced product, make it highly sought after in a variety of industries.


Faultless Finish: Modern Metals Magazine

…“We realized we were looking for a blade that four, five years ago, didn’t exist many places—as far as we knew,” says Waddie Silva, plant manager.

After a slew of calls, Silva came across Specialty Saw Inc., Simsbury, Connecticut. “They came here and [although] we weren’t really sure what exactly we were looking for, [they] worked with us until we found the right blade[that would achieve the required finish],” recalls Silva.


Modern Metals: Without Compromise

Saw blade teeth that, even when resharpened, cut like new

October 2019 – Assembling the pieces to an aircraft requires astute attention to every detail. From the years of engineering expertise leading up to a final design, to sourcing quality materials, and entrusting those part designs to fabricators who manufacture and qualify the parts that are then fastened together, all while adhering to stringent deadlines, every expectation must be met.

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace NA, which also operates as TMX Aerospace, is entrusted with the critical components that keep aircraft safe, secure and in the air.



You need to adapt quickly to remain competitive in a constantly evolving industry. Bring your questions—and leave with smart new solutions to solve your most pressing technical problems.

This is where you’ll learn everything to help your company stay at the forefront, from sensor technology and data analytics to robotics and automation, you will see all of the latest innovations in fluid power.

Specialty Saw, Inc. will be at Booth S83655
March 10-14, 2020
Las Vegas, NV


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Specialty Saw is an American Saw Blade Manufacturer located in Connecticut.