About Specialty Saw

About Specialty Saw

Specialty Saw Inc. was established in 1952 by Raymond Nagy Sr. and continues to be owned and operated by the Nagy family. With over sixty years of saw and cutting experience, we are uniquely equipped to design, engineer and manufacture professional-grade industrial saw blades.

We are located in the industrial heartland of northern Connecticut and supply nationally in the USA. In tandem, our renowned expert sharpening and repair service provides production-ready blades to our customers in all the fifty states. We also provide local pick-up and delivery service as part of our nationwide Blade Management Program (BMP).

All of our service blades are covered by our  ‘Cuts Like New … Every Time’  guarantee.

Specialty Saw manufactures two main product lines:

  1. We specialize in manufacturing non-ferrous carbide circular saw blades that run on a wide variety of production saws cutting an extensive list of materials (hot and cold). Our blades cut billets, extrusions, castings, plate, rod, bar, pipe, and structural members as well as cross-sections that have irregular thicknesses. Our body of work covers all grades of aluminum and copper alloy (including brass and bronze).
  2. Our line of Clean-Cuts® Hydraulic Hose Saws and Knives are used throughout the World for cutting all types of hydraulic, industrial, pneumatic, high pressure and specialty hoses. Clean-Cuts®Saws challenge traditional saws as they cut CLEANLY, SAFELY, with less smoke or debris in the hose. Whether you are looking to cut up to 5” OD industrial hose or source high-quality replacement blades for your existing saw, we are the experts!

We are dedicated to investing in our production facilities, systems, and team members. Our shop boasts state of the art Vollmer CNC grinding centers and our ongoing program of investment, ensures that we are equipped to provide optimal sawing solutions with exacting tolerances for new materials, processes, and applications.

Specialty Saw is ISO 9001:2015 certified and we continue to refine our quality mission by complementing our plant hardware with up to date production software, systems, and procedures.

Above all, we offer a culture of commitment to ALL of our customers who we are proud to say, are as diverse in their size as they are in their applications. Quite simply, we deeply believe in our mission to form long term partnerships and to work with our customers to provide cutting solutions, production efficiencies and prompt responses to all questions and inquiries.

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Specialty Saw is an American Saw Blade Manufacturer located in Connecticut.