Clean Cuts Hydraulic Hose Cutter
Clean-Cuts™ Pre-Owned Hydraulic Hose Saws

Clean-Cuts™ Pre-Owned Hydraulic Hose Saws

These Clean-Cuts™ hydraulic hose saws are older models, usually used, but completely functional with a full guarantee* for 6 months from date of purchase. Each machine is tested and approved by our technicians to be in almost like-new condition.

Currently, No Pre-Owned Hose Saws Are Available

We occasionally have older models or lightly used hose saws which we will offer here at reduced prices. Currently, we do not have any to offer.

*Full 6 Month Guarantee

This guarantee covers any defects in materials or workmanship, including the saw and saw blade, for six months from the date of purchase. This guarantee does not cover wear expected with the use of the machine and blade. Misuse or accidental damage due to user negligence.

Clean Cuts™ Hydraulic Hose Cutting Blades

Hydraulic Hose Cutting Saws

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