Clean-Cuts™ Non-Ferrous Heavy Duty Plate Saw Blades (NFH)

Clean-Cuts™ Non-Ferrous Heavy Duty Plate Saw Blades (NFH)

Carbide Tipped Plate Saw Blades: 16″-40″ diameter

Covers a whole family of heavy-duty blades used in non-ferrous plate metal sawing and designed to cut large material stock such as plate, heavy-duty castings, and thick-walled extrusions.. Typical blade sizes start from 16” to 40”. Specialty Saw Inc provides circular metal cutting carbide tipped saw blade management services including manufacturing and resharpening with a special emphasis on longer blade life, reduced heat, and quiet cutting.

  • Faster Cutting
  • Longer Blade Life
  • Reduced Heat
  • Quiet Cutting

Sawing Applications: 

  • Metal Plate Saws
  • Robotic Sawing Castings & Forgings
  • Custom Saws … Cutting Gates & Risers

Sawing Machines:

  • Schelling
  • MetlSaw
  • Briganto
  • Oliver
  • B&O
  • Thyssiman
  • Granco Clark
  • Stone 


  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Brass


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